ExeScript 3.0

Convert VBS to EXE - VBS2EXE, VBScript to EXE

Create secured stand-alone applications from VBS, BAT, JS, WSF, WSH or HTA scripts.
Convert VBS to EXE quickly and easily. ExeScript converts batch and script files such as Batch, JScript, WSF, WSH, HTA, and VBS to exe format without you having to learn C++. Creating fast, tiny executable files from just 19 KB, ExeScript supports graphical and console windows, and allows producing exe files running silently without any windows or pop-ups. Secure AES encryption and password-protection make converted VBS2EXE files secure for wide distribution.

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Stand-Alone Execution

Running VBScript files can be disturbing to end users. Convert VBS to EXE and produce stand-alone, self-contained executable files that are easy to distribute. With ExeScript converting VBS to EXE, you get added protection of concealed source code which will not be available to users to view or modify without your permission.

Secure VBS Encryption

VBS files are hard or impossible to protect without converting VBS to EXE. ExeScript compiles VBS to EXE encrypting their content with industry-standard AES algorithm to make unauthorized access to source code impossible.

VBScript Password Protection

Protect your VBScript files against unauthorized execution by compiling VBS to EXE. Simply typing a password during VBS2EXE compilation enables this security feature and prevents anyone from running your VBScript files without having the right password.

Windowed and Windowless Operation

With VBScript, you hardly have any choice of its appearance on the user's display. ExeScript allows you to choose whether compiled VBS2EXE files appear as graphical or console windows - or do not appear at all! Convert VBS to EXE and specify visible or hidden execution, using powerful VBS automation without associated prompts or pop-ups.

VBS Development Environment

ExeScript compiles VBS to EXE the way most compilers do, and comes with a fully-featured VBScript development environment that includes state-of-the-art script editor. Supporting a variety of various script formats including Batch (.bat), VBScript (.vbs), JScript (.js), WSF (.wsf), WSH (.wsh), and HTA (.hta) files, the script editor highlights syntax in all supported languages, and provides advanced features such as IntelliSense and code wrapping.


  • Produces stand-alone executable files from .bat, .vbs, .js, .wsf, .wsh, and .hta files
  • Encrypts script content with AES encryption
  • Protects VBS execution with a password
  • Does not store VBS files on the disk
  • Tiny exe files are fast to load and run
  • Converted VBS to exe files accept command line parameters
  • Runs VBScript files in a graphical or console window
  • Silent mode for hidden, windowless execution of VBS files
  • State-of-the-art VBScript editor included


ExeScript Screenshot

System Requirements

To use ExeScript, you need the following.

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/x64 Edition
  • Approximately 3MB of free disk space
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